World/Bounty BossesEdit

A list of the bosses out in the wilds that I've found and known drops/rates.

Bosses and AreasEdit

Ratling Run: Mangletooth(sp?) - Seems to drop RoEs mostly

The Downs: Gaelan Frostbeard - Foundry bounty semi-common

Ascestos Desert: Ali Khan - SP bounties, very common GH bounty(rare)

Ascestos Deep Desert: Cael the Destroyer - Anvil/GH bounties, very common

Killing Fields: The Harvester - Fuloran's Bounty

Winter Wold: Reanimated Tulor - TC/FHP bounties, average drop rate

Emerald Forest: Ogre Patriarch(BIg ogre chief group) - ESH bounty, others maybe - common

Wexford Valley: The Rat King - WA bounty

Bloodwood: Bloodmauler(Gray wolf) - No known bounty

Devon Forest: Maybelle Fayfeather(sp?) - HC bounty

The Barrens: Desert Madman - IH bounty, rare

Drear Valley: Thunderhoof - FC bounty, very rare

Wandering Woods: The Chosen(or something) - DH bounty, average drop rate

Zender's Wood: Zender - Barracks bounty - average drop rate

The rest of the areas I was unable to find bosses in. Please feel free to update if you find any new bosses or receive a new bounty from the above beasties! Happy hunting!