Name Effect Value
Assassin's Hoop Dex+1, End+1, Elem/Thaum/Necro Resistance +20(Level 300) 3100
Clumsiness You will lose dexterity if you wear it. Cursed.
Copper Ring It seems to be a plain copper ring. 15
Dexterity You will gain dexterity while wearing this.
Endurance You will gain endurance while wearing this. 750
Engagement Ring You see a fine golden engagement ring with a tiny diamond. 250
Expensive Wedding Ring You see an intricately worked wedding ring with a sparkling diamond.
Eternal Nourishment You will not have to eat or drink as long as you wear this ring. 750
Gender You will become the opposite sex when you wear it. Cursed.
Intelligence Wearing it will make you somewhat smarter. 750
Magician's Signet End+1, Int+1, Elem/Thaum/Necro SDM +10 & Resist +20.(Level 300) 3100
Nakedness You see a Ring of Nakedness. Cursed.
Regeneration Wearing this ring will cause you to heal much more rapidly.
Royal Wedding Ring You see the finest wedding ring that money can buy.
Strength This ring will increase your strength attribute when worn.
Soldier's Band Str+1, End+1, Elem/Thaum/Necro Resistance +20.(Level 300) 3100
Stupidity This ring will lower the intelligence of the wearer. Cursed.
Ugliness This ring will give the wearer a hideous aspect. Cursed.
Weakness You see a Ring of Weakness. Cursed.
Wedding Ring You see a fine golden wedding ring.