Overworld BossesEdit

Bosses of the Overworld and their locations. Bosses spawn sporadically during gameplay, and are announced in the ROOM tab. When defeated, bosses drop a variety of bounties and have a potential to drop Skill Baubles.

Bosses and AreasEdit

Ratling Run: Mangletooth

The Downs: Gaelan Frostbeard

Ascestos Desert: Ali Khan

Ascestos Deep Desert: Cael the Destroyer

Killing Fields: The Harvester

Winter Wold: Reanimated Tulor

Emerald Forest: Ogre Patriarch

Wexford Valley: The Rat King

Bloodwood: Bloodmauler

Devon Forest: Maybelle Fayfeather

The Barrens: Desert Madman

Drear Valley: Thunderhoof

Wandering Woods: The Wanderer

Winter Wold: Reanimated Tulor

Zender's Wood: Zender

Leinster/Kurz Road: Spirit of Kal'Dar