Name Location Level Looks Like
Ali Khan Ascetos Desert Humanoid with NB Sash, paired with Snakes
Bloody Mary Wild Beyond Banshee in pack of furies
Bloodmauler Bloodwood Solo hell hound (Red in color)
Cael the Destroyer Ascetos Deep Dessert GIANT. Head doesn't fit on screen.
Master of the Maze The Maze Harlequin. Usually wearing TMMB & NightSoul Helm
Zender Zender's Wood Caster in green robe
Gaelan Frostbeard The Downs Dwarf in pack of dwarves
Renanimated Tulor Winter Wold Solo devil
The Wanderer Wandering Woods Hooded human NPC
Snaggletooth Ratling Run Cave ratling
Ogre Patriarch Emerald Forest Ogre chief in pack of ogres
Mayline Heartflutter Drear Valley White seraph in a pack of seraphim
Thunderhoof Drear Valley Tall minotaur in pack of minos
Emmissary of Night Avalon Dunes Mist mage with reapers and DK's
Emmissary of Light Avalon Grasslands High Priestess in a Mask with Paladins and WoL's
Desert Madman The Barrens Wears a ViH / Jesters Hat.
The Harvester Killing Fields Lich with invisible "harvested souls"
The Rat King Wexfordshire Valley Human, No Shirt, Viking Helmet
Spirit of Kal'Dar Leinster/Kurz Road Invisible troll caster with entourage

Dragon bosses Grafvitnir (1805, 130K HP ) are currently not in the table.