Greater hives
How to do GH - By Monkey

Go in, go right.  At the 4 way, go up.  Kill wasp healers.  Send one guy left after that fight. Let him click the button.  He Will Die.  Go into trapdoor.   Click other button.  Summon him back.  Go back down to 4 way.  Go right for chest.

Go back to 4 way.  Go down.  You will come to 3 levers.  The first lever Kills you.  The second lever summons a snake.  The bottom level rusts you.   So have 1 char there naked and the rest in 

 then go back.  When you come to the pool and the sitting mushroom and rock.  Sit one person on the mushroom and one on the rock.  Then stand up from the rock.  it teleports you to the stash

 Then.  Go back to enterance.  and go left instead.  Enter door.  Go right in torch room.  Follow down til you get to a furnace.  Kill all those there.  Go down.  Push button.  Go back and go through stairs.  Follow that til you get to 2 buttons.

red button kills char.  Then other button ports you.  Follow through to the end.  After queen is 3 chests.  One chest opens, one chest unlock opens.  Third chest, you have to see invis and you will see a stump.  Sit on stump to open last chest.

another room

Name Level Align Damage Traits Resist Areas
Mouse 1 Neutral 1-6 GHive, USH
Fire Wasp 600-1000 Neutral ADD, Anvil, Asc, GHive
Stinging Fury Neutral ADD, Anvil, Asc, GHive
Wasp Healer Neutral ADD, Anvil, Asc, GHive
Evil Bee 600-1000 Neutral ADD, Anvil, Asc, GHive
Hornet Neutral ADD, Anvil, Asc, GHive
Baby Wasp Neutral GHive 
Queen Wasp Neutral GHive