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(WoG) = Kill with Wrath of God

(MD) = Kill with Mass Drain

In Sarc, down 1 kill bats(WoG), up/left til fairies kill(WoG), up 1 then right, Kill Troll's(MD), go up and in trapdoor, go left kill imp kings (MD) through door/trapdoor, go down and pull lever (devils MAY jump if under 2.1k hp so do it fast if you are), go right until devils and bonepile, loot bonepile and leave, go left till doors and up stairs, Down and kill shadows(WoG), down and loot bonepile, go back up and back downstairs, go left and up, middle-right lever, go down and left, kill medusas(WoG), left pull lever, top-left lever and loot sarc, go left kill lichs(WoG), go up 5 furies (use stoning), right, up right, loot sarc, down, kill Undead(WoG), TP out (or right until dead end, up, trap door, door, trap door, down, lever twice, up, left button, right button middle lever, re enter cave)