Redbeard: the first item is what to do with those people that have made to 1K
Redbeard: Well we have designed a prestige system
Redbeard: So players upon reaching level 1k will have the option to receive a special banner in game the "veteran" banner
Redbeard: a Veteran Baldric
Redbeard: The ability to take skills to 6
Gremel: Oh and quick side note - we haven't fogotten the HyJinx banner/crest - those are finally sorted and coming shortly. /shutsup
Redbeard: and random permanent enchant applied to the character
Redbeard: So that's the quick down and dirty on that
Redbeard: Any questions or comments?
MidwestDyme: i would assume choose 1 of those choices correcT?
KillerBee: so wizzies that are 1k would have new spells?
Redbeard: It's actually all of those choices
Thinkquickly: can... we have both veteran and hyjinx banners?
Gremel: No, not now unfortunately
Redbeard: No plans for new spells yet, but I do see in the future that we will be adding new spells.
Gremel: But we'll work with you on that
Gremel: SLord
KillerBee: was wondering if skills were going to 6
Redbeard: Yes
Redbeard: if you prestige
Muk: what causes the random chant? reaching 1k?
BigBootyDaddy: Any balancing between hitters/wizzies?
Redbeard: When you prestige it will unlock a new land
Redbeard: BBD, I will get to that €
Redbeard: So prestige is this
Redbeard: when you hit 1K
KillerBee: yeah, but warrior is a wimp...
Redbeard: you consume an item
Redbeard: it takes you to level 1
Redbeard: unlocks the new land
Redbeard: You get to keep skills / spells
Redbeard: Awrekt you here?
Awrekt: I am †
Redbeard: Want to give some info on the new land
Redbeard: for the veteran area?
Redbeard: The town?
Redbeard: Like shops etc?
Awrekt: sure
Awrekt: the new area consists of 50ish new rooms, most of the regular shops will be there
Awrekt: but it will include some new options for prestiging such as a Veteran Blacksmith
Awrekt: Veteran Clothing, Veteran Skills, etc
Gremel: Will there be an adult video section?
Libera: Gremel, that's at my place, wait yer turn
Gremel: K
KillerBee: when will it go live?
Redbeard: Good question
Redbeard: €
Awrekt: I have putn in a tourney room, not sure how thats gonna work in, ut it is there.
Redbeard: We are shooting for January 5th.
Muk: Merry christmas!
Redbeard: merry Christmas €
Thinkquickly: ok ok this is all nice but what is the point of prestiging? like the end goal
Thinkquickly: we will be lvl 1 but in a new land with all our spells
KillerBee: wow, I have then to get 104 levels....
Aaron: I like the sound of all this.
Redbeard: So the point of prestiging
KillerBee: will we be able to come back to the regular town?
Gremel: Yes
Redbeard: Will be to acquire veteran skills
Redbeard: veteran skills in combat can be ~30% damage increase
Redbeard: But there is also a tie into crafting here
Redbeard: I don't wanna step past this
Redbeard: until everyone is good
Thinkquickly: veteran skills that can be taken back to the normal land or only work in this "dream state"
Redbeard: Once you skill rank up it's tied to your character
Redbeard: not region locked
KillerBee: Nice
Thinkquickly: and we obtain these through?
MidwestDyme: ˆ
Thinkquickly: lvl'ing / hunting?
Redbeard: Skill books
MidwestDyme: rare drops?
Redbeard: Yes, so you probably have some build points left over right?
Redbeard: €
KillerBee: Yes
KillerBee: Not sure how much, but yes
Redbeard: These build points will be used to learn veteran skills
Coyote: Is the level cap 1000 after doing the Prestige?
Redbeard: some classes are out of points
Redbeard: Yes, when you prestige you are reverted to level 1
Thinkquickly: was about to ask that, some classes have more points left over than others
Aaron: So you prestige start at lvl 1 get more build point get even more skills
Redbeard: and must level to 100 again
Redbeard: 1000*
Redbeard: When you prestige you will not acquire more BPs
KillerBee: nice
Aaron: sweet
Redbeard: The point of this
Redbeard: is to start characters down a spcialization path
Redbeard: specialization*
Thinkquickly: what about the gear you're wearing when you prestige?
Redbeard: if that's even a word
Gremel: You're 100% wrong
Gremel: BOth times
Muk: good thing i have like 500 bp's!!!!!
Gremel: Or just the first
Gremel: But whatever
Redbeard: So if the gear is level required you won't be able to wear it
Redbeard: But worked into this is also the Legendary prestige
Redbeard: so beyond veteran
Redbeard: if you're crazy
Redbeard: you can goto legendary
Coyote: i'm crazy
Redbeard: and get skill rank 7
Thinkquickly: another question, are we required to do this? to use any of the new items
Redbeard: No
Redbeard: absolutely not
Redbeard: We understand that prestiging is not for everyone
Muk: lol
Thinkquickly: heh I wasn't saying that Š but ugh
Thinkquickly: lvling
Thinkquickly: †
Redbeard: There will be incentives though
Aaron: when you prestige does your alt have to prestige with you?
Redbeard: In the new areas
KillerBee: So this is like Easy, Middle and Hard levels
Redbeard: there will be new dunegons
Coyote: Nice, that was what I was wondering, if there was the ability to prestige multiple times, Even if there was an arbritray number that is public Prestige: 1-100 that gets updated each prestige, still something to "work towards"
Redbeard: that only veterans can access
BigBootyDaddy: I know the veteran blacksmith was mentioned, but will there be gear locks for only those veterans/legendary?
Redbeard: You will only be able to buy the gear in the veteran area
Redbeard: and it will be soulbound to the character that purchased it
Coyote: I know you are more creative than simply adding a number in a bio. Say you hit Prestige Level 5, You get the Prestige level 5 Baldric or boots ect.
Redbeard: The banner above your protrait as well
Redbeard: that says veteran
Coyote: I would like to Prestige 100 time is what Im saying
Muk: ^
KillerBee: I cant wait to see the new area€€
Redbeard: Right, so we've worked out this first prestige pretty well... we plan to make it unlimited
Redbeard: We plan for each level of prestige to have a new area
Libera: I better work on getting 1k..
Muk: right
BigBootyDaddy: I'm pretty close lol 980
Redbeard: that is only accessible by that prestige
KillerBee: me too. €
KillerBee: I have 104 levels to get
MidwestDyme: so to tose who already hit 1k?
Redbeard: There will be a vendor
Redbeard: in the old lands
Thinkquickly: so basically as many time as you feel you can lvl from 1-1000, you could potentially just keep getting more and more benefits
Redbeard: where you can buy the presige item,
Redbeard: Yes
MidwestDyme: Š
Redbeard: more and more skill
Thinkquickly: as you going to make it harder for people to 1k ?
Thinkquickly: cause.. it's not fair for some people like
Thinkquickly: <-
Thinkquickly: where i was doing 1k in a week
Redbeard: Lol. Well the trick will be that this land the legacy land will remain
Redbeard: untouched
Redbeard: the new lands
Redbeard: will get harder
Redbeard: and harder
Redbeard: we've written some new AI
Redbeard: that we think is going to be fun
Gremel: Fun
Gremel: Hah
Gremel: ‡
BigBootyDaddy: ‡
Redbeard: Kajun came up with some good stuff
Redbeard: i think he's here
Thinkquickly: but I could bring my super pimped char back and solo HC „
Redbeard: €
ninetimes:Kajun: I'm floating around€
Thinkquickly: in the normal land
Redbeard: Yes
Libera: *hugs Kajun*
Redbeard: And bring some items back from the veteran land
Redbeard: and sell them if need be
Redbeard: So I think that handles prestige and the new land
Redbeard: unless anymore ?....
Muk: will prestige 1000 cause me to handle?
Muk: lol
Thinkquickly: but anyone could wear them correct? so like i wouldn't need to be prestige lvl 5 to wear the items/gear and they could be bought by anyone
Redbeard: Some items any could wear
Aaron: when you prestige you can leave an alt not prestiged and still use both?
Gremel: Rofl
Gremel: Muk - no
Gremel: ;)
Redbeard: same may require you
Redbeard: just depends
Thinkquickly: kk
Thinkquickly: I have seen the light, continue †
Redbeard: You can leave an alt not prestiged
Redbeard: it's character based
Redbeard: not account
Redbeard: Just an fyi... you won't be able to summon people who are not prestiged there either
Redbeard: :(
Redbeard: Okay so on to crafting
Gremel: ./e grabs a beer
Libera: *has a beer, mwahahahaha*
MidwestDyme: bout to get drunk!
Redbeard: Crafting will follow this pattern Familiar -> Proficient ->Expert -> Master -> Grand-Master -> Veteran -> Legendary
Redbeard: as you can imagine those are skills
Redbeard: 1-7
Muk: so if you never get build points again your still limited
Muk: ?
Redbeard: Muk, i left that out. Plan is to make certain hard bosses rewards BPs
Redbeard: €
Gremel: WHAT
Muk: ah
Gremel: BOOOM
MidwestDyme: ˆ
Muk: im just happy i havent used any in 500 lvls
Gremel: Had no idea about that actually, just wanted to sound in the know
Thinkquickly: only issue I see is some people have more BPs left over than others, so I think once you prestige you should be reset to a certain number (everyone starting equal)
Redbeard: I had actually thought about that
Muk: just plan accordingly
Redbeard: You're very much right
Redbeard: €
Redbeard: That's the one peace i've been playing with
Redbeard: but im thinking level the playing field
Thinkquickly: otherwise I could just get a char lvl 100, only get the skills i need and then PL it to 1000 and have 900 bps
Thinkquickly: †
Redbeard: But your character would be very specialized? =p
Muk: you would have to 1k with no skill
Redbeard: Okay so back to crafting? €
Redbeard: I'm good with talking on presting more
Redbeard: 100%
Thinkquickly: i'll bug you about it later privately not to take up peoples time
Redbeard: Okay
Gremel: Presting FTW
Redbeard: so Skills 1-7
Gremel: Whatever that is
Gremel: ‡
Redbeard: so each level of skill will be able to craft specific materials
Redbeard: iron -> steel -> tempered steel -> mythril -> obsidianite -> admantium -> new alloy tbd
Redbeard: iron / steel will have a level 1 equip requirement
Redbeard: TS = 300
Redbeard: Mythril = 600
Redbeard: Obsidianite = 900
Redbeard: Amdantium = 1000
Redbeard: New Alloy = 750 but will have high properties than admantium
Thinkquickly: big jumps there for the end
Redbeard: those damages will be similar to the ones that are in game now
Redbeard: and when the crafting update goes in
Redbeard: i will release
Redbeard: the chart of every item
Redbeard: So let's use weapons for instance
Redbeard: lets say I have skill level 6 in weaponsmith
Redbeard: I can craft admantium
Redbeard: a club would be
Redbeard: 139-271 damage
Redbeard: with no affects
Redbeard: just a raw admantium club
Redbeard: the rare loot version will be 149-281
Redbeard: and only obtainable by loot
Gremel: Just cuz you're lvl 6 in weaponsmithing????
Gremel: Epic
Redbeard: So now you've got this weapon you created
Redbeard: nothing special right?
Redbeard: same ole same ole
Grumpy: So crafted weps/armor will be slightly less stats than found
Thinkquickly: could make it follow the baldric lines.. 200-300-500-750-1000, to be a little less confusing to returning players as far as armor lvl requirements
KillerBee: so no chants on crafting?
Redbeard: Theres another element to crafting
Gremel: WHAT
Redbeard: but just raw crafting now
Redbeard: no*
Redbeard: So there will be hammers that you can acquire
Redbeard: called Runic Hammers
Redbeard: Runic hammers can enhance these crafted items
Redbeard: so if i enhanced the club
Redbeard: i have a small chance of it turning into the loot table version
Grumpy: bblˆ
Redbeard: or a slightly enhanced version
Redbeard: (
Redbeard: ˆ
Redbeard: So all crafted items will also be able to be broken down
Redbeard: into it's materials
KillerBee: do you need the skill to use the runic hammer?
Redbeard: for crafting other items
Redbeard: Yes
Redbeard: so there will be 7 runic hammers
Redbeard: iron -> new ore
Redbeard: each with a better chance of enhancement
Redbeard: skill 1-7
Redbeard: You will also be able to deconstruct or "break-down" existing craftable items
Redbeard: so if you get something you don't need and you don't want to sell it
Redbeard: you can break it down into some random components
Redbeard: not all
Thinkquickly: enhancements being....? str / end/ intel / atk / dodge/ dex ? and special procs?
Redbeard: all except procs
Redbeard: procs will be limited to rare loot
Redbeard: the enhancement is more or less a guaranteed enchant
Redbeard: for stats
Thinkquickly: and these are still chantable or ?
Redbeard: but you can get things like ark, dodge
Redbeard: Yes they will be
Redbeard: Technically if you 5x something you could 6x it with enhancing
Redbeard: These hammers are not going to be widely available though
Redbeard: That's a high level overview of the crafting system
Redbeard: as it stands now
Thinkquickly: and how will this effect current items/weapons in the game?
KillerBee: Nice
Thinkquickly: such as all the rare items
Redbeard: So these fit in line with the rare items, they are roughly 10 less damage on min/max
Redbeard: and have no other properties
Redbeard: Now for the legacy magic items
Redbeard: like life leech, defender
Thinkquickly: but say like mountain's might, i could add the special bonuses too
Redbeard: all of those
Redbeard: no, that's not craftable
Thinkquickly: so only crafted items can be enhanced
Redbeard: correct
Thinkquickly: and these are tradable?
Redbeard: craftable are yes
Thinkquickly: so I won't need say a Moonlight Xiphos to craft the new mage sword?
Redbeard: This is very high level in know, but in general does it give an idea?
Redbeard: You won't need that sword... but you may need it's components?
Thinkquickly: ah ok, neat
LordWarped: i just got here! can we start over?ˆ
Redbeard: haha
Gremel: I mean welcome
Libera: „
LordWarped: thank you
Gremel: Uhhh
Gremel: How about this
Gremel: I can post this chat later?
Gremel: Red?
Gremel: That work?
Redbeard: On forums? sure
Gremel: Bingo
Gremel: I'll post it from question 1
Gremel: †
Redbeard: We plan to have another session tonight as well
LordWarped: that worksi just didt wana miss all the rebutle
Gremel: I'll be more beligerant
Libera: I'll bring more beer for Gremel...
Gremel: Nope not at all
LordWarped: me too
Gremel: YAY I like this lady
Redbeard: So does that sound cool? are we headed in the right direction?
Thinkquickly: I'm just curious if i "salvage" or whatever y'all are calling it a Moonlight Xiphos to make a new "special weapen" then I enhance that weapon lvl7 sytle, then try to chant it and it blows up
MidwestDyme: where is my damn granny pelt!
Awrekt: just gremel? i thought you were bribing me?
MidwestDyme: you took that chance?‡
Gremel: ‡
Libera: Awrekt, I got your vape stuff„
Gremel: ROflmao
LordWarped: id bribe ya Awr, burt your already the ma
Redbeard: That's the chance you take Quickly
LordWarped: n
Redbeard: I mean, you grind to find items now
Redbeard: no guarantees an enchant will take right?
LordWarped: whats lvl 7 ?
Thinkquickly: yea no worries just wondering the "time" frame on max'ing something out †
Thinkquickly: like how much time and I going to need to put in, kind of thing
Thinkquickly: where as someone with lots of time, will be easier than say a casual player
Redbeard: I would imagine there will be those that grind this out
Redbeard: and make alot of items
Redbeard: and there will be those that just buy them from people grinding them out
LordWarped: so not a soul bound thig anymore?
Thinkquickly: ok, was curious about the "char bound" type items
Jibbers: @red petition to change the name of the bounty chest NPCs to reflect the name of the chest you obtain (i.e. change forgotten dungeon to minotaur)
Redbeard: Kajun you here?
Redbeard: Kajun is like the man at that stuff
Gremel: Hold on al
Gremel: All
Gremel: He's skinning a moose
Gremel: Lemme get him
Thinkquickly: when you release all this, there will be a in length detail'd notes?
ninetimes:Kajun: Yep I'm around sorry
Redbeard: Yeah there will be
LordWarped: will the new crafting come with an (how to guide)?
Redbeard: like i said
Gremel: YAY
Redbeard: this is high level
Redbeard: Kajun you think we can ease the NPC pain
Redbeard: for just
Redbeard: by putting like (Lost Dungeon) or something beside the NPC name?
Thinkquickly: the only issue I see is say I prestige SLord, then I use Mentalburn to PL him to 1k in a week..then do it over again
ninetimes:Kajun: I think it's the chests that are named not accordingly
Redbeard: Okay. we can check it out ˆ
LordWarped: yes the bounties are icorrect
Redbeard: We will take a look at that and see if we can make that better
ninetimes:Kajun: Added to my notes :D
Redbeard: Okay Quickly
Redbeard: so you power leveled
Redbeard: what was the question?
Redbeard: or the problem?
LordWarped: so how will know what items are needed? to deconsrtuck or what ever
Thinkquickly: was a general question
Redbeard: Well there will also be this new dungeon in the prestige area
LordWarped: a craft guide?
LordWarped: lol
LordWarped: OH BY the way
Redbeard: Warped, I plan to add the components list to the description of the items
LordWarped: awesome
LordWarped: i waas hoping it would be like the alchmy plate
Redbeard: that'll tell you what it could deconstruct into
LordWarped: awesome
Redbeard: but when you create
Redbeard: it will just tell you wehat you're missing
LordWarped: oh?
Muk: i need to know about healing mastery
Redbeard: Not on the radar
Redbeard: =p
Jibbers: i need to know about picking pockets
Muk: it was imped before
Redbeard: It works.
LordWarped: does the quest still exsitist?
LordWarped: where does it start?
Jibbers: i need to know about combatting speed files evasion
Redbeard: We don't condone speed files, but we don't ban for their use.
LordWarped: 1st rule of speed files
LordWarped: is not to talk about speed files
Jibbers: i know, im just saiyan if they have speed files, i cant pick their pockets - petition to allow in-town pocket picking
Redbeard: lol
LordWarped: lol
Redbeard: I tell you what, I will 100% try to find a perk niche for PP
Redbeard: just AFTER crafting and prestige are flying smooth
LordWarped: you wanna come to my house and pick my pockets?
LordWarped: petitiion allow pvp on my lawn
Redbeard: So with regard to Prestige and Crafting
Redbeard: Do you guys like it?
SLord: Guess my question was using a non-prestige char to PL a prestiged char, then taking that prestiged char back to the new zone and wrecking everything
Redbeard: Oh that won't happen †
Coyote: I love it
Coyote: can't wait
Redbeard: You're going to need a group.
Redbeard: Kajun came up with mean stuff 
ninetimes:Kajun: hehe
SLord: you need more sb'ing throwers
Redbeard: hahaha
Redbeard: you're going to miss those
Gremel: Lol
Redbeard: I'll be honest this new AI killed me so much
Redbeard: i just gave up
SLord: mass sb'ing throwers that drain lifeŠ
SLord: er steal life
Redbeard: Okay well that concludes my spill
Redbeard: Kajun, Gremel, Awrekt
Redbeard: anything from you guys?
Jibbers: thanks for your time my dude
Redbeard: Thank you guys for playing
Redbeard: makes it fun for us too
Awrekt: nope, great job coverig it all †
Redbeard: This is our first big update since we started
Redbeard: OH shit
Redbeard: sorry
SLord: Š ty for keeping us entertained ‡
Redbeard: forgot
LordWarped: for reals, you guy rock
Redbeard: Melee stuff
Redbeard: Who asked?
BigBootyDaddy: That would be me!
Redbeard: Sorry €
Redbeard: So you noticed the Test Server is up?
LordWarped: no
SLord: yea... and magic > melee †
SLord: least from what I tested
Redbeard: I will be tweaking some melee settings to give some damage boost
LordWarped: ill go to test, what should i be lloking for?
SLord: 1s EL tp
SLord: look at merchant
Redbeard: It's not active right now, but I will give let people know when it's ready
Redbeard: Basically it'll be grab weapons
Redbeard: hit stuff
Redbeard: and see if it feels better
Redbeard: lol
LordWarped: lol
LordWarped: i can do that
Redbeard: Hitters are mad at me right now 
LordWarped: even with a good buzz on ‡ˆ
BigBootyDaddy: It's just a hard balance. Since the AoE damage advantage should be to Wizzies. But
Redbeard: Well mad at Gremel
Redbeard: he did it
BigBootyDaddy: When the magic damage is on par or superior to single target dmg
Redbeard: Yeah DW getting some tweakage soon too
Redbeard: 
SLord: lemme farm hc about 100 more times, i got till the 5th ? †
Jibbers: i have an idea unrelated to anything youve said before
SLord: should be able to pull a few 100 runs
Redbeard: Fire away
Jibbers: transmog for helmets. keep the stats of one, take the look of another. fuse the two items
Redbeard: I'm suprised this admantium stuff on the ground behind me hasn't gotten hoarded yet
SLord: meh if I need adm, just run a dungeon a few times
Redbeard: So to be honest Jibbers, I wrote a whole Transmorg class. That's functional.
Redbeard: You'll need the materials for the crafted items slord =p
Redbeard: they're much strong than the weapons that drop hehe
Redbeard: But just felt like it would make items too OP @Jibbers
Redbeard: Maybe it's that we need same stats across all helmet variants?
SLord: what i mean is, i'll just run a dungeon and salvage all the adm
SLord: rather than hoarding it now
Redbeard: I hear ya
Redbeard: ‚
Jibbers: no no, you misunderstand. all that gets absorbed is the looks. choose one attribute to keep, and the other to take the look of
Jibbers: so you are left with a nightmare helm that looks like a wizard hat, for example
Redbeard: I got that. say i have a clean bandanna, but i want it to have the properties of the HoK
Jibbers: correct
Redbeard: my argument is why dont we just have a bandanna with the attributes of an HoK already in game?
Redbeard: So people vying for a look
Redbeard: can acquire it
Redbeard: It is possible though
Redbeard: so yeah it's a bit buggy atm
Jibbers: then youd need a permutation of every conceivable combination; that will dilute loot tables, no?
Redbeard: Yeah it would
Redbeard: 100%
LordWarped: Transmorg class. That's functional.????
Redbeard: class just means code
Redbeard: in my speak
Redbeard: hehe
LordWarped: ok
LordWarped: i was they look lke orcs?
Redbeard: hehe
Jibbers: which chest NPC does guardian chests?
Jibbers: holy caves?
Redbeard: sounds right
Redbeard: i honestly don't know
Redbeard: lol
Muk: its not that
Redbeard: Okay last chance for questions
Redbeard: related to prestige
Gremel: Sorry I got side tracked with beer and other things
Redbeard: and crafting
Gremel: Hope Red is doing stuff
SLord: ok 1 last question.. if you prestige to "veteran" then you prestige to "legendary" can the legendary goto the veteran area? or will they be all the same area
KillerBee: someone taking notes and putting it in an MM?
Redbeard: yes
Redbeard: once you achieve the next prestige
SLord: no, i'll just wait for the patch notes.. nobody got time for that
Redbeard: all prestige beneath are open
KillerBee: good I had to go and cook dinnerƒ
Redbeard: i believe Gremel
SLord: ok cool
Redbeard: said he was going to put on forums
Redbeard: Okay well thank you all for playing
Redbeard: and for the feedback!
KillerBee: We thank you for bringing it back€€€
Awrekt: Red, Were we planning another town for Legendary?
Jibbers: Š
Redbeard: Yeah ‚
Redbeard: The work never ends!
Awrekt: thought so, just didnt want to give fake news lol
Redbeard: So you all can now tell everyone
Redbeard: what those sneaky devs are up to
KillerBee: They are up to NO GOOD‚†
KillerBee: and we are going to TAKE IT DOWN‚‚‡‡
Redbeard: Hehe. Okay back to 4Š
SLord: just curious a little more about the craftable weapons and armor but i'll figure that all out when y'all release it
Redbeard: I'm happy to answer now
Redbeard: others may have the same questions
Redbeard: €
SLord: well i saw some of the new weapons on test are those suppose to be loot drop items?
SLord: from the new zone?
Redbeard: I would need to look and see what got loaded over there
KillerBee: will we get exp when we craft? (or was this question asked?)
SLord: Archmage sword..
SLord: divinity
Redbeard: but those are all old weapons we created so inteded for this zone
SLord: soooo new dungeon? †
Redbeard: Arch Mage
Redbeard: def still in
Redbeard: sorry
Redbeard: divinity is
SLord: yea they all looked like the 900 weapons
Redbeard: Archmage's blade
Redbeard: in
SLord: but was curous if those were loot items or craftable
SLord: obtainable* without prestiging
Redbeard: Loot
Redbeard: non of the crafting items are loaded in yet
Redbeard: only on the development server
SLord: kk so all that new armor/weapons will be added to this zone
SLord: via new content
SLord: or something or other
Redbeard: yeah the 900 stuff may be in the new dungeon in the prestige zone
SLord: so you'll either have to prestige to obtain or buy it, that was my question from earlier
Redbeard: Yeah
Redbeard: Okay ˆ Thanks again.
LordWarped: i relly liked it better when we had to remake our toons on test, this copying main over is confusing
SLord: my chars were already all there
LordWarped: yeah
SLord: in the same gear as on here
LordWarped: the ones i made 2 months ago are gone
LordWarped: and main is now opied
Gremel: Warped
Gremel: We can do that also?
Gremel: You think better that way?
Gremel: Force people to try new?
LordWarped: for me, i liked having diff set upafter all i was testing
LordWarped: i mean this way can make the same or new
LordWarped: at least they could use the same stats as before or make all new its a chice not a baby
Gremel: Well you still can - but Red is gonna create a 'learned' scroll
Gremel: To teach everyone all spells and skills
Gremel: Make it easier
LordWarped: ah
Gremel: Probably
Gremel: Maybe we can force some them
Gremel: Still in the future - he's busing kicking kittens
Gremel: But that'll make it easier to do a clean slate
LordWarped: we should reload the test from 2 months ago
Gremel: 10M XP bauble for instant 1K and scroll of skills
Gremel: Hah
Gremel: I keept uhhh
LordWarped: then i can all that cool fin dye the GMs made for me
LordWarped: lol
Gremel: 1440 full backups of prod
LordWarped: ouch
Gremel: Aka 30 min for a month
Gremel: Plus a few weekly/monthly after that
Gremel: But posterity
Gremel: †
MidwestDyme: woo found my granny pelt.ˆ
Coyote: grats Š
Libera: wtg DymeŠ€ˆ
LordWarped: ok, i know ima lil high but...can you explain that in english?
Starrie: €ˆ€
Gremel: Oh it's lady person
Gremel: RUN
Libera: Starrie†ˆ†
Starrie: you like my new dress Gremel? I mean color? ˆˆ
Kraune: Dilly Dilly!
Starrie: Hi Lib €ˆ
LordWarped: will prestige skills boost intell also?
LordWarped: can a wiz reach 209 sdm?
LordWarped: or more?
Libera: Starrie, we learn yet about the results from the contest?„
Starrie: it has been extended €ˆ
Starrie: check #announcments on discord ˆ
Starrie: please ˆ
Libera: „„
Gremel: Or dev stuff
Redbeard: not nice
Redbeard: Dev stuff
Redbeard: kittens be nice
McShorty: ‡ˆ
Gremel: :angry:
Monkey: Pies that you can throw.
IceProject: lol
Lindina: I need to know..
McShorty: so all these souls im taking
McShorty: what they forˆ
Lindina: Is Gremel for sale?
Gremel: Yes
Gremel: 100% yes
Awrekt: we'll pay you to take him ‡
Gremel: Roflmao
Lindina: Kewl, I bid 1g
McShorty: 1g
McShorty: dam it
McShorty: 2g
Redbeard: He's like a gremlin
Lindina: 3g
Redbeard: No water
Redbeard: bad juju
Gremel: Hahahaha
McShorty: 4 and i wont go any higher ‡
Lindina: 5gŠ
McShorty: Lindina wins
McShorty: 5g.
Redbeard: We will get started in 4 minutes
IceProject: so any thoughts about making all areas /yescombat? I was thinking make the roads and places like RR still /no, and obv town
Lindina: Awesome, Gremel, you're now my Realm Suggar Daddy Dev„
Dimar: light dart is my best spell.
Redbeard: give everyone time to get caught up
Lindina: Who do I pay my 5g to?„
McShorty: <
Redbeard: Seriously though -- Voice chat next time. my hands get tired doing this
Redbeard: Im not a linux guy
Redbeard: i dont like to type
Lindina: I said we should do this on discord voice!!!
Dimar: google hangouts ‡
Redbeard: Next time, we will try and make this a bi-weekly or monthly thing
IceProject: i refuse to use a headset and GF wont putup with hearing yall„
Redbeard: lol
Dimar: but then you'd never be able to /emote like it's 1997 €‚ƒ„…†‡ˆ‰Š
Awrekt: Just use your phone :)
Dimar: ^††
Gremel: Alright - before we start this - thanks to IceProject for volunteering to be the scribe ant take notesŠŠŠŠ
Gremel: That'll be posted online
Redbeard: lmao
IceProject: lol
Redbeard: Did you get those posted from earlier?
IceProject: u wish
IceProject: just do it on ch4
Lindina: ‹Œ
Gremel: WUT
IceProject: its already recorded
McShorty: ^
Gremel: Racist =/
IceProject: lol
Dimar: but channel 20 is c00013r
Androux: Red, Grem has told us all that your voice is that of a baby lamb...
Awrekt: im gonna build us a townhall to do this in lol
Redbeard: Oh don't make me blush
Androux: If it were being eaten by a t rex... who was then consumed by a bald eagle
Dimar: because that won't be crazy.
Androux: I'm not quite sure what that sounds like
Gremel: Oh jeez you have no idea
Gremel: Now we gotta legit record his voice
Gremel: And make it available
Androux: Yeah
Redbeard: I did used to do podcast
Redbeard: was fun
Androux: Red's voice clip is now DLC
Redbeard: yay
Gremel: Has anyone here ever heard legit angels from heaven talk? Yea
Gremel: Same thing
NotBubs: Hi! Random unknown player here - Just wondering if there's any plans to update character creation to be more accepting of the other genders?
Redbeard: Okay -- it's that time. I gotta get rolling ˆ
Lindina: I'm the only one in voiceƒ
Gremel: Rofl
Redbeard: So first. Thanks everyone for coming to listen to Gremel for a bit
Redbeard: He has alot to update you one
Gremel: ‡
Redbeard: on*
NotBubs: For example, I would be love to have the face of a male giant but the body of a female human
NotBubs: Again, just a random new player here
McShorty: mmhm
Redbeard: lol
Redbeard: We've been asked what we plan to do with characters that reach level 1,000
Redbeard: We have been working on a prestiging system
Monkey: Delite them
Dimar: battlebots?
Redbeard: that when you hit 1k you can prestige
Redbeard: this will set you back to level 1
Redbeard: you will receive a banner over your portrait
NotBubs: Lissa is somwhere crying
Redbeard: that says veteran
McShorty: oo
Redbeard: You will get a baldric
Redbeard: that can teleport you to the new area
Redbeard: that Awrekt and others are building
Redbeard: You will get access to special skills vendors
Redbeard: and able to take your skills to 6
Redbeard: which is roughly a 30% increase in damage
NotBubs: So, at 204% sdm...does chanting change?€
Redbeard: Chanting is capped at 189
Gremel: Good looking question!
Redbeard: Only people who have prestiged
Redbeard: and are veterans
Redbeard: will have access to the veteran land
Redbeard: there will be a new dungeon in this area
McShorty: So what happens when u reach 1k at veteran?
Gremel: What if people that are lower level try an get in??
Redbeard: We've laid the ground work for another level of prestige
Redbeard: "Legendary"
Redbeard: and skill 7
Redbeard: another 30% increase of course
Garoth: do we report to you red
McShorty: interesting.
NotBubs: What skills will have a level 6? Will all skills be available to all toons?
PyreAdv: What about non vets grouping with vets and being summoned into the new area?
Smuggly: lower level people get ported to jail
Redbeard: They wont be able to summon them
Monkey: Will exp from 1-1k once veteran be scaled somehow?
Redbeard: I've already coded it out
Garoth: it took 2 level 1k hitters 53 swings to kill a level 300 killrog on test
Dimar: it'd be funny is it just dropped them somewhere random if they tried, lol
Redbeard: it's broken right now
Garoth: most of my messages said you hit killrog armor
McShorty: Dimar, Kinda of like being "Evicted"
Redbeard: So the plan is for there to be new areas for prestiges
Redbeard: on and on
Redbeard: where you get better gear
Thinkquickly: please tell me more
Redbeard: harder mobs etc
Dimar: neat.
Monkey: Cool
Redbeard: Oh also with prestiging
NotBubs: What skills will have a level 6? Will all skills be available to all toons? - Sorry for repeat, very curious
Redbeard: you get 1 permanent enchant to your character
Garoth: if we went to test where do we report
Redbeard: All skills will be available and you will have to spend build points to learn them
Redbeard: based on some feedback from earlier we will likely charge a flat rate for those BPs
Dimar: Can you blow up if your chant fails? †
IceProject: its is all great for PVE, but i forsee very little pvp in the futureŒ
Redbeard: and upon prestinging set every players BPs to the same
Redbeard: this will encourage specialization of characters
Torbin: what about maybe reroll ....height,girth,or such at 1k?
Redbeard: Torbin, we do have plans for that to be part of the copper shop.
Gremel: Is girth important? Or just length?
Dimar: color..
Monkey: ‡
Gremel: Gotcha
Torbin: ok
Lindina: .......
Redbeard: So at a high level, that's the prestige system... Any questions?
McShorty: Any New caves?
NotBubs: Redbeard, not to switch the subject on you but I am very passionate about this next topic - Any plans to show adventurers some love?
Redbeard: there will be 2 in the veteran area
PyreAdv: In the new veteran area Shorty
IceProject: will a giant warror still be able to be GM all magics and all his melee skills?
McShorty: Cool €..
Redbeard: Okay so good questions
Redbeard: i can dive deeper
Redbeard: Skill 6 books
Redbeard: will be gated by class
Redbeard: Magics only achievable by wizards and adventurers
Redbeard: Weapon skills will likely be warriors
Redbeard: thieves get acrobatics and crit
MidwestDyme: can i make a snowman from all these loose pieces?‡
Monkey: So how will becoming a veteran affect gear with a level req?
Redbeard: Adventurers will likely get all
Torbin: what about making gauntlets or gloves part of armor? if that can be added
IceProject: k, i can start to see some balance
Thinkquickly: you can't wear it till you relvl
Redbeard: It will not, you will have to level up to equip level required gear.
Monkey: Ah
Gremel: Midwest - hang onto it all
Gremel: ;)
MidwestDyme: stoink.ˆ
MidwestDyme: figured haha.
Redbeard: You will retain your skills and spells
Redbeard: So this is the initial plan for prestiging
Redbeard: and it could change, but i wouldnt think by much.
Thinkquickly: so upon reading a "lvl 6 skillbook" say elementlism, you get new spell associated with that line or do your spells in that line do more dmg?
Redbeard: We have a goal for this to be in play by January 5th
Redbeard: Your spells will do more damage
Redbeard: no new spells yet
PyreAdv: So my adv is gonna be useless as a warrior come prestige then? As he won't be able to get any of the weapon skills?
IceProject: it sound like it could workŠ like always different than i would do, but still logical. I am excited to give it a tryŠ
Dimar: nice
Thinkquickly: in that line only?
Redbeard: Adv will have access to all skills
NotBubs: Are there any plans for further explore quests? Be it killing world bosses or running X dungeon for a copper reward possibly?
Redbeard: Dungeons will reward items that can be redeemed for coppers and build points.
Redbeard: in the veteran areas
Redbeard: That was alot of questions making sure i didnt miss any
Redbeard: Think i got them all
Thinkquickly: but you'll only get 1 line increase?
Thinkquickly: per 1000 lvls
Redbeard: 1 line?
Redbeard: 1 skill?
Thinkquickly: ie 1 skill
NotBubs: Last question before I go - A thief only weapon that gives double loot rolls at the end of combat, making me the Scroll Queen
Redbeard: I was thinking 3 skills per 1,000 levels could goto the next level
NotBubs: Think about it
Thinkquickly: so like as a warrior, a person would get axe / maul / mace to lvl 6 ?
NotBubs: I missed a ? but yeah
Redbeard: Or weaponsmith?
Redbeard: If they want to make Veteran weapons
Redbeard: €
IceProject: €
Redbeard: I haven't gotten to crafting
Redbeard: but thats a good segway
Redbeard: lol
Dimar: can we craft winning lottery tickets?
Dimar: †
Redbeard: lol
Redbeard: So we good on prestige mode?
Dimar: sounds pretty neat.
IceProject: seems good
Redbeard: Alright I will move on to crafting then
Redbeard: Crafting will have 7 tiers with this update
Redbeard: Familiar -> Proficient -> Expert -> Master -> Grand-Master -> Veteran -> Legendary
Redbeard: Skills 1-7
Monkey: =O
Dead: Nice
Redbeard: Familiar can craft iron / steel
Redbeard: sorry
Redbeard: familiar is iron
Redbeard: proficient is steel
Redbeard: expert tempered steel
Redbeard: you get the point?
NotBubs: My erection cannot be tamed, going to find NotLissasDad - Thanks for the info Redbeard
Dead: Yup
Redbeard: Veteran is Admantium
Redbeard: Legendary is still an un-named ore
Redbeard: So let's use admantium as the example
Redbeard: If i had Skill 6
Redbeard: So Veteran
Dimar: Carbon Fiber?†
Redbeard: I could craft a Veteran two-handed sword with 114-219 damage
Redbeard: it will have no stats or affects
Smuggly: that makes me moist
Thinkquickly: veteran being you'd have to have lvl'd 10 1k first, then prestiged to get lvl 6 in weaponsmithing
Thinkquickly: lvl to*
Redbeard: correct
Redbeard: Once you have the veteran two-handed sword
Redbeard: you will have the ability to use some new runic hammers
Redbeard: that will be rare
Redbeard: but it would have the ability to enhance the sword in the loot table variant
Redbeard: which is roughly +10 to min and max damages
Redbeard: and has magical properties
IceProject: UO woopwoopŠ
Thinkquickly: and these runic hammers are found only in the new area or in the current "normal" realm
Redbeard: You got it
LilFio: yo
Redbeard: The new hammers will likely be obtained by completing "work orders"
Redbeard: craft xx amount of these
Redbeard: type deal
LilFio: great melee changes on testŠ
Redbeard: if you've played UO
Redbeard: it's not an originial idea
Redbeard: sorry fio
Redbeard: i messed it upo
Redbeard: ill fix in a bit
IceProject: tbh its one of my fav parts of UOŠ€
Redbeard: €
LilFio: all good, you got the myst PERFECT man
IceProject: great thing to steal fromŠˆ
LilFio: seriously
LilFio: me and sic were just testing it
Redbeard: Myst part is good?
Thinkquickly: never played UO ‡
Redbeard: good deal
LilFio: perfect
Redbeard: Okay
Redbeard: So if you've been collecting items
Redbeard: You will be able to "salvage" or "break them down" into components
Redbeard: to create the better items
Dead: nice
Smuggly: like? wraths?
Dimar: neat
Redbeard: Using the wrath for instance
Smuggly: make a green venom sword w/ drip effect?!
Redbeard: it's what a level 300 weapon?
PyreAdv: 200
Redbeard: so if it is 200
Redbeard: it would give components to make a 300 weapon
Smuggly: like direct upgrade to wrath?
Redbeard: so stormcaller would give components for the electromancer's judgment
Smuggly: or entirely different kind of weapon all togehter?
LilFio: oooh
Smuggly: oh cool
Thinkquickly: so basically you're going to have to still find the lvl 600 weapons to make the lvl 900 weapons
LilFio: *hoardes his stormcallers*
Redbeard: Or buy the components
Redbeard: yes
Kraune: "electromancer's judgment" /e need to change pants
Redbeard: The components won't only came from that
Redbeard: Oh i just leaked a 900 two hander name
Redbeard: yay
Redbeard: Š
LilFio: lol
Redbeard: They're on test now
Dimar: †
Redbeard: i think
LilFio: yeah they are
Marr: Yup
LilFio: all new weapons/armor †
LilFio: its as awesome as it sounds too Š
Redbeard: So does crafting makes sense?
Dead: Yes
Smuggly: yes
IceProject: yessir
Dimar: yup
Dead: I can't wait €
IceProject: ohh i may have missed it
Smuggly: excited
Marr: Yes. but testing 6/7 would be interesting
IceProject: are BoDs going to be daily from a npc?
IceProject: or found?
Redbeard: Just be a daily quest
Redbeard: =p
IceProject: cool
Redbeard: BoDs = Bulk Order Deeds
Redbeard: for those that don't know
Starrie: €€
Redbeard: basically it'll be craft XX amount of these for the reward
LilFio: will that be the only way to obtain the 900 weapons Red? or will they be dropped as well
Redbeard: They will be in the loot table as well
Redbeard: in the new prestige zone
LilFio: ooo
Redbeard: So you can prestige and go hunt it yourself, or probably buy it from someone at a premium
IceProject: yea people u will love this crafting stuff, really its fun for people who like on the side stuff... and makes now useless stuff valuable to findˆ
Redbeard: As always if you have ideas or concerns
Redbeard: please let us know via the forums
Redbeard: or Magic Mail or Discord
Redbeard: whatever your preference
Thinkquickly: are the values on the weapons/armor on test pretty much how they'll be on here?
Redbeard: Also in the next patch Magic Mail auto updates on log in †
Redbeard: finally fixed that
Dead: Yay ‚
IceProject: ohh are BoDs something we can exchange?
IceProject: so for future possible large bods?‡‡
Redbeard: Not at this time Ice, i think it will evolve into that though
IceProject: cool
Redbeard: There will be Iron through Unnamed Ore Runics
Smuggly: any new playable races in the works?‡
Redbeard: Not right now. I will say that if we do look at it
Redbeard: will likely be dwarfs
Lindina: So how does Souls, Sweat Time, etc play into this?
IceProject: sweetˆ
Redbeard: Those will all be components
Redbeard: This idea has been on the burner for a while
Smuggly: orcs was a cool addition to live
Redbeard: we just werent sure how to tie it in
IceProject: is crafting specific to any class, and will any specific stat affect success chances?
Smuggly: 1m exp baubles on test?
Redbeard: Right now it's just skill based
Redbeard: there are 10m
Redbeard: so u can go 1-1k
IceProject: i kinda like that, more realmlike
Redbeard: Awreky
Smuggly: i see 10k and 100k
Redbeard: Awrekt
Redbeard: You here?
Thinkquickly: so there is a chance to fail when crafting the items, loosing the components?
Awrekt: I am here†
Redbeard: Would you care to give some details
Marr: Different category at the bottom on the list Smuggly
Redbeard: on the Veteran town?
Awrekt: sure
Redbeard: No fail on crafting
LilFio: phew
Redbeard: Maybe a slightly weaker weapon
Redbeard: but components wont be lost
Awrekt: So it's going to contain, so far, a new town consisting of 50ish new rooms.
Dead: wow
Awrekt: Its has all the regular amenities as the normal town with a few other new ones
IceProject: stripclubˆ
Awrekt: like: a legendary blacksmith, legendary skill store, legendary clothing, spells etc.
IceProject: €
Gremel: Awrekt - will there be a surf shop by cahnce?
Redbeard: …
Gremel: *runs*
IceProject: ohh dabeach
Starrie: OMG 
Redbeard: I used all of them for fire wood
Awrekt: it also has, courtesy of Grumpy, a few new orginal content images‡ which he did an awesome job making†
Awrekt: no, surfboards unfortnately, someone, hasnt sent me the pics for those yet lol
Starrie: €€
Gremel: Oh - on itŠ
Awrekt: as soon as I get them though, there will be a surfshop, somewhere!!
Starrie: no place for those on Realm ˆ
Awrekt: Also, I did forget. I have included a new room.... an Arena room†
Redbeard: We have plans in the future to hold PvP events
Lindina: Can we get a special Starrie room, all purple?
Redbeard: With specific rewards for those events
LilFio: yessss
Dead: purple ˆ
Lindina: And a special Tala room, all blue?„ˆ
Redbeard: With that
Lindina: Just... throwin ideas out there‡
LilFio: Red has there been any consideration into pvp rewards as far as out of town /yescombat battles
Redbeard: That's what we've been working on
LilFio: gathering of insurance etc
Redbeard: Yeah Fio
LilFio: and maybe even forced /yes out of town
Redbeard: so my plan is to reward the winning combatant
Redbeard: the insurance money
Redbeard: by making it fall in the cloud (and you can pick it up)
IceProject: thanks for the updates, nice to have a idea what u guys are up to... makes it easier to try and give feedback before you imp it all‡
LilFio: ahh ok
Redbeard: So the initial crafting system is also planned to be put in Jan 5th
IceProject: wow
Redbeard: Most of the code is done
IceProject: thats alot
Lindina: So... I need to get 1k by then... got it
Redbeard: Very excited to share with you all
Redbeard: Any other staff or dev team have anything to add?
Smuggly: ˆ to all of you for all the hard work
LilFio: sounds awesomeŠ
Dead: Yes, you all are amazing €ˆ
Gremel: Nothing helpful
PyreAdv: Please no, I already need a smoke from all this excitement, I dunno if I can handle more.†
Redbeard: Not to get too far ahead
Redbeard: But i would like to say
Lindina: Yeah, when do we get to shave Gremel's beard?
IceProject: i can get over how much u guys get done as a few volunteersŠ€
Redbeard: Working on guilds a bit too
Redbeard: with perks to being in one
Gremel: ƒ
Redbeard: so get your friends to play †
Dead: Yay ‚
IceProject: €
Lindina: Hey, I have a guild!
Lindina: Knights of Ni yoŠ
Awrekt: I guess, i could mention to, I am currently working on a project that adds 100 rooms to the vanilla map, with a new hunting area/town. There is no ETA on that one though.
Starrie: and family €ˆˆ
Redbeard: Well a real guild system lol
Smuggly: awesome!
IceProject: see, just mindblowing... non-stop content and fixesˆ
IceProject: very much appreciated guys
Lindina: I honestly can't wait†
IceProject: and galˆ
Redbeard: We're a small team just doing what we can ‚
Starrie: ˆˆ
Dead: ˆˆˆˆˆ
Redbeard: It is appreciated though
MidwestDyme: killin it.ˆ
Life: thank you!
Redbeard: I know the last few months havent seen many new systems put in place, but the team has been working on getting the client situation sorted out.
Redbeard: I've also been addicted to Destin 2 some †
Dead: lol
IceProject: lol€
Starrie: just alittle €ˆ
Sargath: Just logging in. Any big reveals€
Smuggly: othergames?!
Smuggly: nooo!
Lindina: Yeah Sargath, new stuff, Starrie is the new Goddess
Dead: it is known
IceProject: purple touble‡
Sargath: Starrie has always been a goddess€
Awrekt: Now shes a purple goddess†
Starrie: ohh hush ˆ
Sargath: oooo totally fitting
Lindina: They gonna build a purple temple in her honor
Starrie: your making me blush ˆ
Dead: I'll help work on that
Sargath: EL 1D?
Sargath: That is a worthy spot
Awrekt: Starrie is taking slaves to build her a pyramid†
Redbeard: Okay Š Thank you all!
Lindina: They gonna give us purple roses to lay at her feet
IceProject: magenta ones€
Sargath: I shall throw my hat in the ring as tribute
Lindina: I worship her every day *creeps*‡
Starrie: ok thank you all for coming €ˆˆ you may return to your NORMAL channel now ˆˆˆ
Dead: Thank you all ˆˆˆ
Sargath: Ahhh thanks€ Missed it all but thanks for the continuted support and work€
Awrekt: I do believe it will be posted on the forums
Sargath: cool
Dimar: thank you comcast for interupting my fun time, what did I miss? †
SLord: WTS: 4xO HoS, 4xO Seer's Saber, 5x (FIVSD) Thunderjolt, 4xO Refracting Bastion, clean Glowie Bandanna, 3xO Assassin's Choker, 3xO Assassin's Hoop, 3xO Magician's Charm, 4xO Brigand's Mark
SLord: mt
SLord: WTB: Natural Brown Dyes, Bounty Chest, Lighter / Lightest Finvarra's Spittoon
Aaron: suck my bawls
Aaron: shh
Mo: ˆ