Introduction Edit

Hooray! The weapons and armor portion of the crafting system has recieved a massive overhaul. There are now 9 different skill levels to both armor and weapon crafting. Additionally, players may now choose to imbue their crafted items with a random bonus stat or affect by using Runic Hammers. Both crafting and salvaging deplete the character's Stamina. If you not have the required stamina to perform the action, you must wait until your stamina regenerates.

Supplies Edit

To begin crafting you must first purchase and learn a crafting skill book. The skill books can be bought at the Traveller's Union in Kurz. From the Kurz teleporter, 1 Right, 2 Down, 2 Right.

Weapon and Armorsmithing Hammers Edit

These can be purchased at any General Store in any of the towns and are used to craft all levels of armor and weapons. Make sure to watch the durability of the hammer as you use it, and repair it at a shopkeeper when necessary. If the durability reaches 0 it will be destroyed.


Clicking on a crafting hammer and selecting "Use" will bring up a menu of all possible craftable items. Beware, selecting an item from the list will instantly craft that item if     you have all the necessary materials on your character. There is no confirmation prompt.

If you do not have the required components for an item you selected, a message will pop up listing all materials needed to craft that item.

Salvaging Hammers Edit

A Salvaging Hammer can currently only be purchased at the Traveling Merchant copper shop currently located 4 screens right of the Kurz teleporter. One hammer will set you back 550 coppers. Coppers can be purchased at the First Bank of Leinster. The bank is located 9 screens left of the East Leinster teleporter and charges 100,000 gold for 100 coppers.


With salvaging hammers you are able to destroy a weapon or armor piece in exchange for crafting materials. Each hammer can be used 20 times and cannot be recharged. The materials you receive will be equal to or one tier above the item's level requirement. For example, salvaging a weapon with no level requirement will yield either level 1 or 2 crafting materials. Salvaging a level 300 item will yield level 2 or 3 materials.

Runic Hammer Edit

Runic Hammers can also be found at the Traveling Merchant shop in Kurz. Priced at 1,050 coppers, these will take a bite out of your wallet.


A runic hammer is used to enhance a crafted piece of equipment with random enchants or perms. Each hammer can be used 3 times. There are currently 9 different perms and 24 enchants available. On a weapon, it is possible to apply a max of  2 enchants and 4 perms via the runic hammers. An armor/clothing piece can receive a total of 6 enchants.

Raw Materials and Refining Edit

Before a material is ready to be used to craft an item, first it must be refined from it's raw form. This doesn't include Wood Blocks, as they are already in their refined state. Currently, raw crafting components can only be found in dungeons as a semi-rare drop from the monsters within. Based on random chance and skill level, a single raw material can yield between 0 and 4 refined crafting components.

Ore Edit

Ore can be refined on a Forage found at the armor shop "The Forge" located in East Leinster, 4 down and 1 left from the teleporter.


Cloth and Leather Edit

Balls of Yarn and Pelts are refined on the Loom and Leather Stretcher found inside "Straight Off the Loom" 2 screens down from East Leinster's teleporter.


Enhancements Edit

Enchantments Edit

Name Effect Name Effect
Strength Cold Immolation
Dexterity Fire Immolation
Intelligence Lightning Immolation
Endurance Nourishment
Quicken Atk/Cast spell a little faster compared Free Will
Dodge Grey Skin
Extra Attack Death Magic Protection
Encumbrance Encumbrance bonus does not stack Ugliness
Regeneration Enid's Mark Death Wish Backfire protection, White hair

Perms Edit

Name Effect
Stun Damage
Acid Damage
Steal Life
Steal EXP
Improved Damage
Fire Damage
Cold Damage
Lightning Damage
Poison Damage


rough and quick enchanting guide by JaceEdit

  • Str/Dex on everything, at least one of every Element Shield across your gear.
  • Fire, Ice, Elec, Venom on your weapon.
  • Regen 5 times across your gear.
  • Done and done.